August 23, 2019 Announcements

Loess Hills Elementary starts school year on a high note with “High Five Fridays”

School is officially back in session for students in Sioux City, but one school is taking a unique approach to welcoming their kids back.

15,000 kids headed back to school on August 23 in Sioux City. That included those at Loess Hills Elementary and school officials want to make sure students kick off the school year right.

“Kids are so happy to be back and teachers are looking forward to seeing them again and all staff is so excited to see everyone,” Loess Hills principal John Beeck said.

But, a lot of nerves can come with the first day.

To help kids feel a little more at ease, the staff at Loess Hills Elementary are doing another year of “High Five Fridays” and it’s exactly how it sounds.

“What better way to start the day with high fives,” Elevate Community Church Volunteer Seth Roberg said. “See the kids faces light up when they walk in is just really cool. Just to be there give them a smile. Let them know it’s a safe fun place to be.

“It’s just a very fun environment for the first day of school,” Beeck said. “They all smile and the kids smile. It’s just a great way to come back to school.”

Some kids enjoy them.

“It’s fun to give people high fives,” First Grader Charlie Bassett said.

But, others, leave them hanging.

“It just takes a while for them to kind of register like who are these strangers, but once they see we are giving high fives they’ll run up to you and just be excited,” Roberg said.

“I think it shows to the parents and community that school is a great place to be,” Beeck said. “We love your kids. We love being a part of your family and I think it builds that family commitment from everybody.”

High Five Friday’s take place every Friday at Loess Hills Elementary.

If you are interested in taking part, you can contact the school.

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