August 23, 2019

Sioux City School District sends off bus drivers for first day of school

Gausman Bus Send off
Gausman Bus Send off

Fifteen-thousand students in the Sioux City Community School District headed back to school Friday morning and the district kicked off the first day in a unique way.

Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman waved goodbye to each and every bus driver when they left the Operations and Maintenance Center in Sioux City.

60 to 70 buses rolled out to pick up students.

Gausman said everyone who works in the district is a leader, no matter their position.

“It’s such an important position to transport our students safely,” Gausman said. “These people out here are greater than a 100 people who are working for us to get kids to school. They are a high-reliability system. They’re working hard and they always seem to find a way to hand off the duties that need to go when challenges arise, and get students where they need to go.”

He said bus drivers are the first people that greet students every day which helps to create the mood for the first day of the school year.

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