August 7, 2019 Academics

Teachers show off summer projects for “Future Ready Showcase”

Ten teams in the Sioux City Community School District shared their projects at the Future Ready Showcase that will help prepare their classroom to be ‘future ready’.’

The teams unveiled new lessons that they’ve been working on all summer, to enhance the district’s future ready program.

Teachers take this opportunity to re-imagine classrooms of the future and utilize new technology resources in their lessons.

“The 21st century demands that technology be used in the work place, so we’re preparing our students, starting in Kindergarten to be future ready to prepare them for that workplace,” said Dr. Kim Buryanek, Assistant Superintendent for SCCSD.

This program began after the Sioux City district was one of 100 school districts nationwide named as a’ future ready’ district by the Obama Administration.

This is one way they incorporate their best practices into the classrooms, and discuss how to be future ready with district leadership.

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