September 18, 2019 Announcements

Irving Elementary teachers greet students with unique interactions to start the day

Teachers at Irving Elementary are helping students start their day off right with a unique interaction.

Every morning when students enter their classes they get the chance to select an action to perform with their teacher.

This can range from everything from high fives, smiles, or a hug – to even different types of dancing or dabbing.

Teachers say it not only does gives them a chance to start off the school day on a positive note, but it also helps them gauge the mood or feelings of the student.

“We’re able to see who comes in ready, who’s excited to be here or who maybe is not having a great morning. If someone didn’t eat breakfast, we’ll get them breakfast, so it’s just that simple interaction that will get us throughout the whole day,” said Yesenia Macias, Kindergarten Teacher.

District officials say each of the Sioux City schools has their own unique way to start the day, but if this catches on it could be spread to other schools in the district.

Teachers say it also helps them cater to the well-being of each student.