September 23, 2019 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD September Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Kate DenHerder, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Kate worked all summer long maintaining our Unity Garden so that students could enjoy our annual Harvest Party. She also established the first-ever series of student-starred PBIS expectation videos! Kate works tirelessly for her 3rd graders and the entirety of TeamU!”

Richelle Burr, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Ms. Burr served as a key member of Liberty’s 2-5 Future Ready team this summer to help establish technology-infused lessons. Ms. Burr has also gone to great lengths to develop positive relationships with her students. She takes her lunch breaks to chat with students and makes home visits in the evenings to ensure that all of her students feel safe and connected to her classroom and to Liberty Elementary.  Thank you, Ms. Burr! for all of your work to “Make it Happen!”

Courtney Seibold, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary 

“Courtney is a flurry of positive energy at Liberty! She goes above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure that students are well-served. She works to build relationships with students and staff and has taken on many leadership responsibilities. She has made it her mission to provide an engaging and nurturing classroom where all students can thrive. We are grateful for all she is doing to “Make it Happen!” for our Liberty family!”

Jenny Stephens, Teacher @ Nodland Elementary

“Mrs.Stephens does a great job meeting the needs of each student in her classroom. She is a dedicated educator, who is always looking for ways to better her craft. She is also responsive to the needs of students and exhibits much kindness and patience to our young leaders. Students in her classroom continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We thank her for making a positive impact on the students of Nodland Elementary.”

Richard Twohig, Custodian @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Richard is a conscientious worker who strives to do his personal best in all that he does. He is kind and helpful to students and staff. He frequently goes above and beyond to help anyone. For example, he spent extra time after his shift to help cut down the overgrown sunflower plants. He willingly helps with anything that is asked of him. Richard is a valued member of the Loess Hills staff.”

Fran Wetzbarger-Buckmeier, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Fran has worked to support the implementation of our literacy block, including small-group, skills-based instruction, by planning lessons, providing resources, and coaching other teachers. Fran also provided an exemplary model of Board Math for the teachers within our building. She utilizes an enthusiastic and engaging approach each day to get her students solving math problems. Mrs. Wetzbarger is expanding the possibilities for our students at Perry Creek!”

Karlys Gries, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Karlys has been instrumental in helping get many of our school initiatives off the ground in relation to our schoolwide PBIS implementation. She serves on numerous teams to provide leadership and is always thinking of ideas for improvement and student success. Mrs.Gries is expanding the possibilities for our students at Clark and Perry Creek!”

Jake Clarahan, Teacher @ West High

A student said the following about Jake: “He is very supportive and cool. Jake makes me feel like I belong, and others too. He always makes everyone’s day and ensures everyone is doing alright. He is overall an amazing teacher and makes students feel safe in his classroom.” Congratulations to Mr. Clarahan!

Anna Scott, Teacher @ East High

“Anna Scott is an outstanding staff member. Not only has she done amazing things for the band department, but she is a fantastic colleague to have. She is always professional and is very dedicated to the school and her students. She is here early in the morning and stays late at night and gives her whole heart to her profession.”

Cassie Pilgrim, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary

As a Dual Language 3rd grade teacher, Cassie is always positive, enthusiastic, and an excellent teacher who strives to be the best teacher for her students.  Cassie also has her students write letters  to young trainees in the United States Army who otherwise may not receive a kind word during Basic Training!

Heath Barkley, Building Service Tech @ West Middle

Heath is new to the building this year and has made a big impact thus far. He has been very helpful and accommodating to all staff in his new position. Heath greets each person he encounters whether student or staff member with a smile and hello. Congrats Heath! Thanks for making WMS welcoming.

Richard Wilmesherr, Teacher @ West Middle

Richard has been a tremendous help to our new staff members in the science department at West Middle. He is always willing to help staff in any way.

He is a true asset to the building!

Madison Clausen, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary

“This summer Maddie dedicated her time to Future Ready. She provides her students with challenging and engaging lessons sprinkled with movement, music, laughter, and fun. Her love for our students is evident in everything she does. Maddie is the reason her students want to come to school and she is making a difference each and every day!

Thank you, Maddie, for being the bright spot in staff and students’ days!”

Melinda DeMarest, Registrar @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Melinda has been a valued asset to Sunnyside Elementary. She is always willing to push her own responsibilities to the side to help any student, staff member, or parent. She takes a deep interest in each individual and approaches each situation in a friendly manner. Our students enjoy going to Mrs. Demarest because they know she is going to be helpful and have a smile on her face. Students and staff are her first priority. She does all that she can to ensure everyone is given what they need to teach and learn at Sunnyside. We are very fortunate and grateful to have her at Sunnyside!”

Ashley Wheat, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Science Elementary

“Ashley has played a key role in the implementation of research-based instructional strategies in the area of literacy within all grade levels. Because of her dedication and commitment to increasing student achievement and proficiency, our building continues to demonstrate growth each year in literacy/fluency.

We appreciate the impact Ashley makes at Spalding Park!”

Nicole Margeas, Consulting Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

Mrs. Margeas began preparing for school well before the students arrived. She works hard to make sure teachers are ready to go for the school year.Mrs. Margeas researches and models instructional strategies to support students. She is always asking what she can do to help. Mrs. Margeas is a very uplifting person and friendly to all!”

Jill Lyman, Music Teacher @ East Middle

“Mrs. Lyman is enthusiastic about making East Middle a welcoming, positive and fun atmosphere for all! She is dedicated to our students and works to ensure they feel this way daily. Whether she is performing songs during hallway duty or showing videos in her classroom, she brightens the students day! To start the year she created a 1st day photo booth for students to take pictures and make memories! We look forward to seeing her creative ideas be used to help all students enjoy attending EMS!”

Billie Stitt, Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Billie has worked above and beyond in classrooms to help all staff and students adjust to the start of the new school year. She has helped with prepping materials, calming and working with students, and provided encouragement and support whenever others need it. Her positive attitude and willingness to help any of our staff and students is beneficial for our school to reach its’ goal of serving our students. Thank you, Billie, for all you do!”