September 20, 2019

Unique ACT prep format benefits students from many schools

ACT-Prep Course Image by Travis Hoffer of KTIV

The ACT is one of the standardized tests used to get into college.

But some students need a little help to get ready for it.

The Sioux City Career Academy is a place offering that assistance for free. The school offers the ACT test prep course as a class.

Administrators bring in counselors and instructors for one-on-one guidance with the students, without the expectation of adding something more to their schedule. Instructors say life’s distractions are some of the biggest reasons some students don’t perform well on the test.

“A lot of test prep programs are very expensive. Or maybe they’re not as intensive or maybe they are solely test prep. It is important that we include the college preparation part in addition to just test prep.” Michelle Pick, ACT Prep Instructor.

“I think it’s lot better because we are going through the process together and you’re not alone. I think if you’re nervous about college or nervous about taking the ACT you can always talk to someone in your class or even your teacher if you’re comfortable talking to them.” said Emma Vlahoulis, High School Junior.

Instructors say it’s not uncommon for students to raise their ACT scores two to six points, just by taking the course.

Five area high schools currently have students enrolled in the class.

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