October 4, 2019 Academics

Leeds Elementary finds a unique way to encourage students to read

A local elementary school has found a unique way to encourage their students to read!

Each student at Leeds Elementary was given the same book Tuesday morning during an assembly and over the next few weeks, teachers will be reading a chapter of that book to their class each day.

There will also be trivia questions asked during the kids’ lunch hour, all in an effort to show students how fun reading can be.

Emmett Blakley, a student at Leeds told us, “it makes me happy because it makes me want to read more books when I get home.”

“A lot of kids look forward to it every year. They always ask, what’s the book going to be? And the parents, you know, we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from parents,” Principal Angela Bemus said.

The school purchased the book for every student. They unveiled the chosen book during an assembly with a skit performed by their 5th-grade class.

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