October 18, 2019 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD October Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Rocio Munoz, Instructional Assistant @ West Middle School

“Rocio is the WMS staff member of the month. Rocio is being recognized by her peers for her assistance with translating for parents during conferences. Rocio assists teachers with their conference schedules and who needs a translator. She sets a schedule for during this time for our building. Thank you, Rocio!” 

Andrea DeRocher, Teacher @ West Middle School 

“Andrea DeRocher is WMS teacher of the month.  Andrea is being recognized by her peers for her willingness to help out and her flexibility.  She volunteers to help teachers and other staff with numerous items and undertakings.”

Chelon Busch, 1st Grade Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Chelon has been nominated by her peers and administration for her tireless dedication and commitment to meet the individual needs of our students and staff. She is a team player who works behind the scenes to ensure all students experience success during the teaching and learning process. Chelon is an outstanding role model and an asset to Spalding Park. Her tenacity as a professional educator is to be commended. Congratulations Chelon!”

Doug Snyder, Custodian @ East Middle 

“We are very lucky to have Doug Snyder at East Middle. He is extremely hard working and proactive in order to problem solve situations. Doug is constantly on the go, helping anyone in need. He ensures that our building, staff, and students have what they need to be successful. Doug is a valued member of our EMS family!”

Amy Haneklaus, Title I Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Congratulations to Mrs. Haneklaus for being our newest GEM award winner! Mrs. Haneklaus works tirelessly for our staff and students. She helps with assessments, dismissal time, lunchtime at the beginning of the year, PBIS bootcamps, CARE team, and so much more. She does all of that while also helping our students become the best readers and writers they can be. We are super proud to call Mrs. Haneklaus a Roadrunner!”

Mary Benson, Teacher @ Sunnyside Elementary 

“Mrs. Benson provides an amazing learning environment for our 3rd grade Sunnyside students. She establishes relationships with all of her students. Her positive and calm attitude is a wonderful way to demonstrate to her students how to handle life. She is always there to answer questions, lift a spirit, or lend a hand! She promotes Raider Ready behavior and approaches each situation with care. Thank you Mrs. Benson for all that you do for Sunnyside Students!”

Lori Evers, Registrar @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Lori is the link that keeps our school running. She handles many tasks with a positive attitude, all while staying organized and being professional. Lori is consistently kind and caring despite the busy office environment. Students see her smile or hear her caring voice and know she cares for them. Lori is approachable and understanding and treats all staff and students with the same gentleness and kindness, no matter the situation.”

Natalie Poland, 1st Grade Teacher @ Hunt Elementary 

“Natalie has worked countless hours perfecting her schedule, instruction, and the structure of her day to ensure all of her students’ needs are being met. Not only does Natalie ensure her students’ academic needs are being met, she works hard to ensure her students demonstrate good character. Natalie’s classroom exhibits a strong sense of community. She truly wants her students to be kind individuals who are respectful and show good citizenship. Natalie does an exceptional job of leading by example!”

Kathy Vanerloo, ELL Teacher @ Bryant Elementary 

“Bryant is very fortunate to have Kathy Vanderloo as our English Language Learning (ELL) Teacher. Kathy goes out of her way to welcome new students and make connections with their families. She works with teachers to provide support during literacy blocks and during our “What I Need Time” (WIN) intervention blocks.Thank you Kathy for all that you do for students, staff and parents!”