October 25, 2019 Achievements

Students Get OSHA Safety Certifications

Students receive scissor lift certification through the Sioux City Career Academy

Students in the construction pathway at the Sioux City Career Academy have three more items on their resumes.

They’re now certified to operate scissors lifts and forklifts and also have an OSHA safety certification.

The students got some practical training with the lifts outside West High.

Their teachers say this certification gives them a leg up on the competition for a job.

Construction teacher Karl George told us, “it gives them a step ahead of everybody there are a lot of kids and adults are not certified in construction.”

The certification classes were free to the students but the cost to obtain those qualifications individually can run over $200.

The kids had to demonstrate an ability to safely operate the lift, which at least one student said he was nervous about.

“I plan on doing construction management when I get to college and so having a construction class just seemed like a good idea. I feel like the hardest part was not driving into the grass because I have always been worried about going on a scissors lift and tipping it,” said senior Jadon Olson.

Around 70 kids are expected to finish the work and obtain their certifications this week.

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