November 25, 2019 Achievements

East High School hosts robotics competition for Siouxland schools

East High School Robotics

Students from all around Siouxland gathered at East High School on Saturday to compete against each other using robots.

After weeks of preparation, twelve teams from an assortment of schools in the Siouxland area met to put finishing touches on their robotic creations.

In the competition, teams compete in 2 versus 2 matches where the robots can get points in a variety of ways.

Matches consist of a beginning period where the robots have to act on their own, followed by a period where players control the robots using two drivers. One driver controls movement while the other controls the arms.

One student from Sioux Center says each person on their team has a role to play.

“One driver drives the robot, like actually moves it, and then the other one moves the arms around, and then the human player places blocks into the playing field,” said Jacob Crumrine, president of the Sioux Center robotics team. “It’s a quite easy job, but still important.”

The Skystone Robotics Competition hopes to help students develop STEM skills and practice engineering while working as a team.

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