November 18, 2019 Arts & Culture

East High School mystery play serves up bone-chilling screams

East High School Students Perform Murder's in the Heir. Photo by Early Horlyk Sioux City Journal.

Theatergoers at East High School’s production of “Murder’s in the Heir” — performed Friday and Saturday night — saw the maniacal machinations of 90-year-old Simon Starkweather and his (potentially) murderous brood and a (hateful) house full of servants, who all wanted to see the dastardly one-percenter pushing up daisies.

However, play attendees probably weren’t expecting to be served snacks during such a sinister showcase.

Specifically, audiences were given some ominous hors d’oeuvres during the opening act, and were also able to dine at a deadly designated dessert bar during intermission.

According to drama and humanities teacher Marissa Kuiken, “Murder’s in the Heir” represented the first time that East’s theater students partnered up with the school’s ProStart kids.

“I love murder mysteries and I love dinner theater,” Kuiken said, during a dress rehearsal. “This show combines a bit of both.”

It also meant that she would be collaborating with East’s ProStart instructor Carli Kenyon.

ProStart is a national program created by the National Restaurant Association for business or culinary-minded kids wanting to move into the hospitality field.

“My students created a menu that included deviled eggs, saucy Asian meatballs and some mini lasagna roll-ups for appetizers,” Kenyon said. “They also wanted to make raspberry swirl cheesecakes that would mimic the color of blood.”

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