November 15, 2019 Achievements

Riverside Elementary kids spread kindness quotes

Students write kind notes for their fellow students as part of the Riverside Kindness Club

A local elementary school is spreading kindness, one sticky note at a time.

Third to fifth grade students at Riverside Elementary School are leaving cards with kindness quotes on lockers belonging to their fellow classmates.

It’s an initiative of the school’s Kindness Club giving students an opportunity to promote kindness and the feeling of belonging in our community.

“If someone’s feeling bad, sometimes it can feel like they’re unwanted and sometimes just a simple note can make them feel better,” said Josy Jackson, third grader.

“It is important to be kind, in case like if someone is going through a very rough time or having a very bad day, you can make their day brighter or even better,” said Kaden Borchers, fifth grader.

Teachers say they hope their kindness initiative not only spreads at Riverside elementary, but to other schools in the district.

“It’s very important for kids to know that you can be kindhearted everyday and they need to see there are more positives out there, and we need to be looking for more of those positives everyday too,” said Denise Jensen, second grade teacher.

This is the second year for this event at Riverside. In addition, teachers are working with the West High art department to develop a kindness mural.

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