November 12, 2019 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD November Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Beverly Weseman, Teacher @ West High School

“The West High School staff member of the month is Ms. Bev Weseman! She is very fun and helpful! Bev always makes time to help her students. She is engaged in what students are doing in class and is open to questions and new ideas. Bev always encourages students to do their best and is very energetic.”

Candy Booe-Kass, Building Assistant @ Nodland Elementary School

“Ms. Candy wears a variety of different hats during any given day. She greets our visitors in person and by phone, organizes our food drive, and leads students who travel by bus after school. The list could go on and on! She does all of this without hesitation and with care. We are extremely fortunate to have her at Nodland. Thank you for all you do to make Nodland a great place to be!”

Christen (CJ) Palumbo, Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

“Christen is always willing to support classroom teachers. She is a phenomenal teacher because she goes above and beyond for teachers and students. As part of the BLT, Christen is always willing to plan and deliver professional development.”

Helen de la Plaza, Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

“Helen is such a hard worker. She cares deeply for her students and colleagues. Helen is also a pillar for other visiting teachers from Spain. Thank you, Helen!”

Heidi Graben, Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School 

“Heidi works tirelessly to present wonderful concerts to staff, parents, and family members. Her colleagues know she works hard to teach music to hundreds of students. Thank you, Mrs. Graben, for all that you do for Irving!”

Andrew Whitead, Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

“Andrew is dedicated to his students and their needs. He can be found at his small instruction table, at the front of his class using the whiteboard, or working at his Board Math. Andrew follows through with our STAR SHEET expectations daily. He strives for clear instruction that helps his students understand and retain knowledge and skills.”

Sue Nash, Counselor @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

“Sue goes above and beyond to help teachers, students, parents, and administration. She collaborates with teachers and administration on how best to support students academically and emotionally. Sue also has strong relationships with community organizations that support students at home and at school as well. We are lucky to have her as a resource!”

Alisha Elder, Teacher @ East High School

“Alisha is the 10-12th grade study session supervisor and the leader of the sophomore

house. She works hard and has accepted many new challenges this year. Alisha helps students work on their grades and become better students. Alisha does a great job communicating and working with everyone involved in the East High learning environment. She is a valuable asset and we are glad to have her on the team!”

Martha Mora, ESL Tutor @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School 

“Mrs. Mora does so many wonderful things for our students, staff, and families. She is always willing to help wherever she is needed and is a true asset to our building. Mrs. Mora is consistently searching for strategies to help our students make connections and grow as learners. She goes above and beyond to do what is best for our students and families. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Mora at Hunt!”

Jean Farley-Wamberg, Kindergarten Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

Our staff member of the month, Mrs. Wamberg, was  nominated by a Unity parent who has two children that have been taught by her. The parent said, “Mrs. Wamberg makes my son feel very comfortable with words of encouragement and a hug each morning. Mrs. Wamberg was also my older son’s teacher last year. She pushed him, positively, to work hard and stay focused. Mrs. Wamberg has a friendly smile and is always so welcoming and kind.” We are so lucky to have her here at Unity. Congratulations Jean!

Sue Dziurawiec, Building Assistant @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

“Sue always has a smile on her face and positive greeting for everyone who enters our building every day. She is able to greet most students by name, which is so important in creating a culture and climate where students feel they belong and are connected. One of the individuals who nominated Sue for Staff Member of the Month said, “I cannot imagine Spalding Park without her… greeting the students and parents. She is uplifting to all and an invaluable asset to our school.” Congratulations Miss Sue. You are a very important member of our Spalding Park Family!”

Marusia Melackrinos, Counselor @ Bryant Elementary School

“Marusia is the positive voice that greets students and staff during the morning announcements. Everyone looks forward to the clever ways that she recognizes students for their achievements. Students also look forward to attending her counseling classes. Her support to students has helped them gain confidence and strengthen their social skills. She is a good listener who treats everyone with kindness and respect. Bryant School is fortunate to have such a caring counselor. Thank you Marusia for all that you do for students, staff and parents.”

Shawn Miller, Teacher  @ North Middle School 

“Shawn Miller is the NMS Staff Member of the Month. Shawn is being recognized by his peers for his willingness to start the day off by reading the daily announcements.  Once he is finished reading the daily announcements, he shares a daily history fact with our students. Thank you for all you do, Shawn!”

John Vanderloo, Teacher @ North Middle School 

“John Vanderloo is the NMS Staff Member of the Month. John is being recognized by his peers for his support and leadership with our International Baccalaureate (IB) Candidacy. Mr. Vanderloo helps the other staff as they are working on IB units. He is also part of our physical education teaching team, which provide our students with greater opportunities through the IB lens. Thank you, John!”

Laura Stabb, Teacher @ North Middle School 

“Laura Staab is the NMS Staff Member of the Month. Laura is being recognized by her peers for her leadership and support during our International Baccalaureate (IB) Candidacy. Mrs. Staab has brought her knowledge of high school curriculum to our middle school and is helping our students become more aware of how to improve their physical abilities. We appreciate all of your hard work, Laura!”

Angie Dunlop, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary School

“Angie goes above and beyond to “Make it Happen” for our students, both with academics and social-emotional learning. She is caring, patient and persistent when helping learners succeed. Angie has a positive “can-do” attitude that has added value to not only the students she serves, but others across the building as well. We are grateful to have Ms. Dunlop supporting our students!”

Heather Berger, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary School 

“Mrs. Berger goes above and beyond to “Make It Happen” for the staff and students at Liberty Elementary. She has created a calm and caring environment in her classroom. Mrs. Berger supports her students academically through social and emotional skill building. She also supports her colleagues by successfully developing and adjusting success plans as needed for each of her students in their general education environments. We appreciate all of Mrs. Berger’s hard work to “Make It Happen”!”

Julie Thiele, Nurse @ Perry Creek Elementary and Clark Early Childhood

“Julie is a valued and dedicated school nurse who is concerned with the health and safety of each of our students. She has been instrumental in making sure that students’ immunizations are completed, health plans are written and implemented, staff are trained to administer medication, staff are trained to respond to student health needs, and families have the access to resources needed for the health of their children. Thank you, Julie, for all that you do for our schools and District. You are an invaluable member of our team.”

Mary Daux, Special Education Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary School 

“Mary finds ways to promote our building goals in all that she does. She frequently reminds us of the importance of “Expanding the Possibilities” for our students, as we work to achieve our reading and math goals, as well as learn about being internationally minded. Mary works to have open communication with the teachers and staff. She collaborates with families of the students she supports, students she teaches, and administrators. She has a bright and sunny outlook each day and is so encouraging and supportive of everyone. Thank you, Mary, for expanding the possibilities and for all that you do for Perry Creek.”

Megan Schultz, Instructional Assistant @ Leeds Elementary School

“Megan is dedicated and works just as hard on her own time to meet her students’ needs as she does during the school day. Her dedication is directly impacting her students’ achievement and love of learning. She is on top of her managerial responsibilities and her efficiency allows her to go above and beyond during the school day.”

Brayden Schurke, Teacher @ West High School

A student from West High said the following about Brayden Schurke: “The reason this staff member is so important to WHS and to me is because he stands out. When I have him for class he is always engaged with the students. Mr. Schurke is welcoming to all students. He is by far one of my favorite teachers this year.” Another student said, “He always helps me with anything I need help with. He is one of my favorite teachers and very deserving of this award.”

Pam Husk, Teacher @ West Middle School

“Pam Husk is the West Middle School Staff Member of the Month. Pam gives of her time serving on several committees within the building. She strives to make WMS a welcoming place for students, staff, and parents. Congratulations Pam and thank you for all that you do!”

Megan Koob, Teacher @ East Middle School 

“Ms. Koob works tirelessly to connect with students. She comes up with learning strategies and reward systems that are individualized to motivate each student. Students love her. Megan is a collaborative and supportive team member, too. She is a great member of our 6th grade English Language Acquisition (ELA) Professional Learning Community (PLC) and we are lucky to have her at East Middle!”