November 14, 2019 Announcements

Sign Language gaining momentum as popular 2nd Language

North Middle School offers Sign Language Class to Students

When you think of learning a second language in school, you may think of Spanish, French or even German.

Some students are choosing sign language.

Students and educators at Sioux City’s North Middle School are learning sign language as a way to better communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing.

The idea came from area interpreters, who noticed a limited amount of people familiar with sign language.

Even though the class meets in students’ off time, the class has been so popular they’ve had to add two additional sessions.

Students in the class say they’re pleased with their new ability to communicate with others.

“I think the biggest benefit for them is obviously the start of a second language for them. And just being able to grow their friendships with deaf and hard of hearing kids in Sioux City,” said Sandy Leach, AEA Educational Interpreter.

The class was funded by a donation from Quota International of Sioux City, which has the goal of raising awareness of deaf and hearing impaired issues in the community.

Quota International will also sponsor a visit from a “Signing Santa” on December 10th.

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