November 25, 2019 Achievements

Sioux City Career Academy encourages students to take part in internships

LAMB Theater School Sign Photo by Jennifer Lenzini KTIV.

When you think of an internship, you might think of a college student getting experience at a workplace, during the Summer.

But one program is offering the first-hand experience to high school students.

The Sioux City Career Academy has been encouraging students to take part in more internships while in high school.

Bonnie Schurr is a senior at East High School and is working as a stage manager at LAMB Theatre.

She will be majoring in Stage Management at the University of Nebraska-Omaha next year.

Schurr says an experience like this one, prepares her for her dream job.

“It’s giving me real-life experiences,” said Bonnie Schurr, East High School Senior. “It’s showing me what exactly a stage manager does, and takes me through the process of how it happens.”

A recent graduate from Morningside College is mentoring Schurr at the Theatre.

He says he never had an opportunity like this one but says that it opens many doors for future college students.

“Whether it was the hands-on stuff or me just kind of giving her examples of stuff that she would see in the workforce,” said Brock Bourek, LAMB Theatre Administrator. “Most of that stuff she wouldn’t find out at least for a year, if not a couple of years into college. She’s already going to have a foot above everybody else.”

Bourek says stage manager is one of the most important roles in theater, but the least-appreciated.

Bonnie Schurr is the stage manager of the play “Matilda.”

It runs from now until December 8th.

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