November 19, 2019 Academics

Sioux City students learn grain bin rescue training skills

Dozens of Sioux City students got some hands-on learning Monday from the Sioux City Fire Rescue.

High school students focused on Agriculture and the Sioux City Career Academy fire students taking a field trip to the Fire and Rescue training center on Monday afternoon.

The kids were learning what it feels like to be trapped in a grain bin and how to help someone who’s stuck inside one.

“You just think, like, you wouldn’t be able to be traped, but when the Auger moves you go down so fast that you can’t get out.” “It’s important because I didn’t know how it would be and for others to see and have a little bit of knowledge on what to do in case something like this happening,” said Jonah Snieder, East High Senior.

The National Educational Center for Ag Safety partnered with the Sioux City Career Academy to bring students this demonstration.

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