November 22, 2019 Achievements

West High student launches “Unplugged Day” to help students curb social media habits

West High Students participate in unplugged day

A sophomore at West High School is leading a new campaign called “Unplugged Day”.

Nearly 70 people have signed a pledge to stay off social media during the school day and received a bracelet that represents their commitment to the day, and serves as a reminder if they go to pick up their phone.

It was born out of a self-awareness week focusing on mental health with one student wanting to go the extra mile.

“Social Media like gets into people’s lives because people get bullied and people can get like picked on through social media, so we feel like it’s a big thing whether or not like they stay off of it so that’s why we did it,” said student Cheyenne Allen.

The group also invited faculty and staff to participate as well as students at other local schools.

Allen hopes that this is something that can be a pledge in all of the schools by the next school year.

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