December 2, 2019 Announcements

East High students dedicate snow day to shovel sidewalks around Siouxland

Sioux Snow Scoopers

Four East High School students gathered all their shovels and snow blowers and went around to homes all over Siouxland to help those who couldn’t do it on their own.

An act of service that they say is also a lot of fun.

“It would’ve taken me forever to get it done and they got it done quick,” said Long.

Kayci Long’s schedule is often full. She’s a college student and a mother to three young children. With such a full plate on her hands, clearing the sidewalks after a heavy snowfall is a struggle.

“I have three kids at home so by the time I got halfway done, I was like ‘No, I can’t leave them inside’ and their dad works from noon to like 10 o’clock at night, so he doesn’t have time to do it,” said Long.

Fortunately for Kayci, help was just a click away. She was tagged on a Facebook page called “The Sioux Snow Scoopers,” a group was formed by four East High School students that offered their snow removal help to the community.

“[Tuesday] after school, we kind of got together as a group and we blew up overnight,” said Nathaniel.

The Sioux Snow Scoopers spent their day out of school clearing snow from homes around Siouxland.

They also raised a little extra spending cash, while helping people like Kayci along the way.

“That brings relief on me because we struggle with money anyways with having three kids, paying for daycare, and going to college,” said Long.

The group also offered a helping hand to the elderly, hoping to inspire others to lend a helping hand in their neighborhoods.

“Not everyone is just able to go outside and shovel their own driveway or sidewalk,” said Nathaniel.

“It’s always nice to be kind and just give a helping hand when it’s needed.”

While most kids find their fun in throwing snowballs and making snow angels, The Sioux Snow Scoopers said their excitement comes from the memories they create while helping others.

“Being able to just hang out with friends and driving to houses is fun and listening to music and then shoveling in itself, I think it’s fun. It’s kind of just a way to relax and scoop some snow,” said Nathaniel.

You can check out The Sioux Snow Scoopers Facebook page by clicking here.

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