December 12, 2019 Announcements

Former Ohio State defensive tackle visits East High School to share a message of commitment

Joel Penton, a defensive tackle for the Ohio State Buckeyes, speaks at East High School

A member of the 2006 National Championship runner-up Ohio State Buckeye football team made an appearance at a Sioux City high school Wednesday.

Joel Penton, who was a defensive tackle for the Buckeyes, spokea at East High School.

Penton talked to the students about his experiences growing up, and how staying true to his commitment in himself is what got him through difficult times, and to where he is today.

Penton says his theme was about keeping commitments. He challenged the students to make a commitment, and keep it.

“I think it’s pretty easy for anyone to look around and see that commitments are often made and rarely kept and I challenged the students if you can figure out that one kind of life skill, just following through and just doing what you said you are going to do will really set you up for success,” said Penton

Also traveling with Penton are an Inspirational indie pop-rock band called “10 Talents.”‘

They put on a free concert at East High School on Wednesday night.

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