December 10, 2019 Achievements

Local elementary principal kisses an alpaca for her students

Principals at Perry Creek Elementary Kiss an Alpaca as a reward for meeting their playground fundraising goal

Students at a Sioux City elementary school got a surprise on Monday for meeting a fundraising goal.

Their principal at Perry Creek Elementary kissed an alpaca!

The students were told she would kiss her pet rabbit if they raised $30,000 for new playground equipment.

Instead, the kids saw principal Amy Denney give a smooch to the wooly animal.

The principal says the unusual event is a major reward for the student’s hard work.

“Kids really bought into it and they were excited. We created a survey and had a number of choices of farm animals on the survey and I was really pushing for bunny rabbit but they, of course, did not pick that,” said Amy Denney, Sioux City Community School District.

Now that the school has the funding, officials say they’ll have the equipment in the near future.

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