December 16, 2019 Academics

Sioux City students illuminate reading options by using flashlights

Students read during Flashlight Friday 2019

A Sioux City school is taking a unique approach to helping students find an interest in reading. It’s not by offering special books but rather what kids are using to see their favorite book.

On Friday, students spent a half-hour with a good book and a flashlight.

Flashlight Fridays happen every year in December and January for the 700 students at the Leeds school.

School administrators say keeping reading fun is a key to getting kids to become lifetime readers.

“Any time we get kids in books is a good, but getting kids in books that they want to read and even the simple use of the flashlight makes it more exciting for them,” said Principal Angela Bemus.

Bemus says the Flashlight Fridays program started about three years ago as a way to keep kids engaged before the holidays break from school.

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