January 22, 2020 Announcements

East High School selling old football helmets and jerseys to pay for new uniforms

East High Selling Old Uniforms

A Sioux City high school looking to buy new uniforms is using old ones to help pay the bill.

East High School offered up more than 100 old jerseys Tuesday night.

The outdated gear sold for $10 dollars each, with used helmets going for $30.

Black Raiders Football head coach Brian Webb says that despite the condition of some of the gear, it still has special meaning for former players.

“Try to find the number that they want and what color they want but pretty exciting for alumni. They get to have this and keep it in their basement or their wall and have a helmet if they want one too. Kind of brings back some of that tradition because there’s a lot of memories in these uniforms.” said Brian Webb, East High football coach.

Webb says that so far sales have been going great and cannot thank enough the support that the East High community has given towards the football program.

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