January 29, 2020 Announcements

North High School receives grant for esports team

North High Esports receives a $5,000 Grant
North High Esports receives a $5,000 Grant

Students at North High School in Sioux City are getting competitive with video games.

North High School’s esports team was surprised Tuesday with a grant for $5000.

Esports is a relatively new concept designed to allow video game players to compete against each other, often for cash prizes.

At North High School, members of the esports team meet after school to practice against each other and raise money for the team.

A teacher, who supervises the team, said the award money will go toward buying parts for specialized gaming computers.

“So what we have now is students who just use their own machines at home to compete, but the problem is organizing students has been a real challenge, so we should be able to purchase 5 or 6 computers so that students can compete on-site and practice after school together,” said Travis Monk a physics teacher at North High School.

Members of the esports team have already started picking out computer parts to purchase, with the grant money.

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