January 13, 2020 Academics

Students at local elementary school have class at Jurassic Park this week

In January 2020, students at Liberty Elementary dig up fossils

Students at a local elementary school had class at Jurassic Park, this week.

A 3rd-grade teacher at Liberty Elementary transformed her classroom into a different theme to go along with their reading curriculum.

This week the story they read was about dinosaurs so the theme was “Jurassic Park.”

Friday, as part of their science class they dug up dinosaur fossils and worked together to figure out what kind of dinosaur they dug up.

The teacher says the hands-on activity will help the students learn how to make inferences.

“I’m a really big believer in making learning fun because that is what students are going to go back and remember, it’s more likely that they are going to remember how to make inferences by digging up dinosaur bones, rather than me just telling them how to make inferences,” said Siebold, a teacher at Liberty Elementary.

The classroom has also been transformed into a farm and camping site in the past.

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