February 13, 2020 Announcements

“My Life, My Choices” event teaching 7th graders about real-life situations

7th grade students participating in

More than 1,300 Siouxland 7th graders flocked to Long Lines Family Rec Center for a 3-day community-driven event.

“My Life, My Choices” is an opportunity for these young students to learn real-life situations through interactive stations and learn how they would make decisions in tough situations.

Topics included healthy relationships, underage drinking, mental health and much more.

“I get to see my friends and I get to learn new things,” said Callie Palmer, 7th grader at East Middle School.

“It just seems like a good thing to learn what they’re learning about,” said Alyssa Helton, 7th grader at East Middle School.

“We want them to at least learn one thing today, one ‘aha’ moment whether it’s from a health perspective, a life perspective, you know, how can they be resilient and bounce back if they make back choices,” said Leah Knapp, event organizer, UnityPoint St. Luke’s.

There were local organizations partnering up as well, including Sioux City Police, paramedics, KWIT, Girls Inc, and several others like the League of Women Voters.

This is the first year of the event and organizers say they are looking forward to hosting it again next year.

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