February 27, 2020 Celebrations

Unity Elementary students rewarded with principal kissing a goat

Image of Unity Elementary Building

Students at Unity Elementary got a special reward for hard work and acts of kindness during a school fundraiser.

Students were treated to an all-school assembly where they played games and competed for prizes.

The grand prize for their “Raise Craze” fundraising effort was to watch Principal Eric Kilburn kiss a goat.

But he told the students he didn’t feel comfortable and ran out the door. But moments later farmer Kilburn showed up and saved the day, laying a smooch on the goat.

Kilburn said along with raising money for the students and teachers, the effort was a good way to spread some joy in the community.

“A lot of our students went to the animal shelter here in town, the Humane Society, some of them donated a lot of food, a ton of food to The Hope Center at Sunnybrook Church, and just random things like opening doors, cleaning their rooms, and so it really created a positive environment in February when things can be kind of drab,” said Eric Kilburn, Principal.

One lucky student was even awarded a flat-screen television from a drawing.

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