#SCCSD March Staff Members of the Month

March Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Tanner Haines, Paraprofessional @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

Staff said the following about Tanner: “Tanner is new to Morningside, but has truly become part of the dedicated staff we have here. Every day he works hard to help students succeed. He also drops whatever he is working on to assist all staff. Because of Tanner, all students are able to succeed each day at Morningside.” Congratulations!

Lori Schlotfeldt, Title I Math Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary 

“Mrs. Schlotfeldt provides our students with daily math intervention and progress monitoring. She has done an outstanding job of making a subject that is challenging for some of our students a fun subject to work on! The culture Mrs. Schlotfeldt has developed in her classroom is outstanding. All of her students and groups are respectful of one another. She is an integral member of the Hunt A+ Arts Building Leadership Team (BLT). Mrs.Schlotfeldt is an asset to the Sioux City Community School District and the teaching profession!”

Sheena Osborne, Enrichment Specialist @ Nodland & Sunnyside Elementary 

“Sheena is an incredible asset to Nodland and Sunnyside. She goes above and beyond to serve so many students in our schools. Sheena not only works with our TAG students, but also supports teachers and students with enrichment activities. She also has great relationships with students, which is evidenced by their excitement to work with her. Sheena is creative and intentional when planning for her students. Her ability to challenge our students allows them to pursue their own interests, encourages curiosity and strengthens social skills. We are so lucky to have Sheena as a part of our team!”

Adam Suing, P.E./Health Teacher @ West High School 

A student from West High said the following about Mr. Suing: “Mr. Suing makes everyone feel like a part of the class. He makes sure that everyone is involved in the activities that the class is doing that day. He’s always willing to sit down and listen when students need to talk. Mr. Suing is also entertaining while he is teaching us everything we need to know. He is welcoming, engaging, safe, and most of all, trustworthy.” Congratulations, Mr. Suing!

Charlene Price, Teacher @ East High School

“Charlene teaches Precalculus and Honors Algebra at East High. She is always willing to help out anyone in need and does a great job mentoring new teachers or helping substitute teachers. Charlene meets the needs of all of her students and their learning styles by incorporating relevant topics into her classes. She is one of the many faculty members that always dresses up and partakes in student-led theme days. Her wit and humor, along with her creativity, helps many students succeed. We love that she always has a smile on her face and a pep in her step. Congratulations Charlene!”

Emily Bramlett, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School 

Emily has been a wonderful addition to our building and district staff as our TK-5 vocal music teacher. She plans and delivers music lessons that incorporate skills and concepts from both the math and reading content areas at every grade level. Emily has created a classroom that is welcoming and inviting to all who enter. Parents have shared positive comments regarding how their child(ren) are showing more interest in music and are excited to show their parents what they are learning during special school music performances and concerts. Emily is an asset to our music program and the education profession. Congratulations Emily!”

Staci Page, Teacher @ East Middle School 

“Mrs. Page goes above and beyond for her students and our school. She has created inspiring bulletin boards, developed memorable educational projects for our students and brings in guest speakers to engage our students. She’s been working tirelessly all year to help her students while also pursuing her Master’s degree in special education. Mrs. Page has also been emailing, texting, and calling her colleagues, students, and parents to check-in and provide support during the COVID-19 school closures. She encourages all students, parents, and staff at EMS. We are lucky she is at East Middle!”

Nick Gaul, Teacher @ East Middle School 

“Mr. Gaul has taken on a new position at East Middle and he continues to excel in it! He goes above and beyond to make his presence known around the building by connecting with students from every grade level. He is constantly in our classrooms checking in on students and building relationships. Regardless of what he is doing, he makes time to help around the building. We are lucky to have him at EMS!”