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Spalding Park staff show their support for their students amid COVID-19 pandemic

Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School provides books to students during COVID-19 Pandemic

To help students, who rely on school meals, get fed while schools are out of session, the Sioux City Community School District is offering those kids something to eat.

But Tuesday, one local school offered something special.

“We’ve been planning this for over a week,” said Mimi Moore, principal of Spalding Elementary.

Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School is one of 27 meal sites for the Sioux City Community School District’s COVID-19 free meal program.

On Tuesday during pick-up time staff put together more than just a meal for their students. Each student was also given a free book, activity sheets, and basic school supplies.

“The teachers and I wanted to do something for the students to show them that we miss them, haven’t forgotten about them, that we care for them, and we wanted to do something extra special,” said Moore.

Several teachers were also on-site to welcome students with “we miss you” signs and waves from their cars.

Moore says along with wanting to show their support to their students, the staff’s goal was to bring more students out to take advantage of the free meal program.

“We’ve done pretty good, but we have almost 700 students here and we’re not getting the numbers we need,” said Moore.

Moore says overall she is glad with Tuesday’s turnout and hopes students keep picking up their free meals.

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