April 28, 2020 Celebrations

‘Making Memories’ program helps a mother in hospice watch her daughter graduate

Akouvi Bedzra, a senior at North High School, poses with her mother in her cap and gown

Graduation is something many students look forward to at any level of education. One Sioux City mother didn’t know if she was going to be able to see her daughter receive her high school diploma.

The mother of Akouvi Bedzra, a senior at North High School, is in palliative care at the Hospice of Siouxland.

Akouvi is set to receive her diploma this year, and her mother wanted to be there.

“One of her wishes was to be able to see her daughter graduate,” said Adam Cory, Marketing and Fund Development Manager for Hospice of Siouxland

So, the Hospice of Siouxland’s “Making Memories” Program made it happen.

“For a lady that has a lot of uncertainty in her life right now, I think it was a true ceremony,” said Cory. “Just to recognize your daughter who-from what I have been told- is an outstanding student and an outstanding person in general as well. And to see how many people were willing to come and be there that day.”

Among the people in attendance, was a health care service that wanted to help Akouvi start college off on the right foot.

“CNOS, one of our healthcare partners, got wind of it and they came on Friday as well and presented Akouvi with a $5,000 scholarship to the college of her choice,” said Cory.

Many entities coming together to grant a mother her wish, and to give a daughter a memory of a lifetime.

“It was a beautiful showing of human compassion,” said Cory. “And what everyone can do to get on the same page with each other and to do something really special for this young lady.”

Sioux City Symphony was also at the ceremony and performed “Pomp and Circumstance.”

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