April 25, 2020 Celebrations

Sign display gives positive messages for students in Sioux City

Techers from Perry Creek Elementary Surprise Students With Yard Signs

Some teachers and staff from the Sioux City Community School District have set up a surprise yard sign display for their students.

Right outside of Clark Early Childhood Learning Center and Perry Creek Elementary School in Sioux City, you can see the colorful signs as you pass by.

All along the road, hand-written messages like “we miss you,” “you matter” and “you are loved– everything will be okay…” are set up for the students who are out of school early, due to precaution over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials with the school district say the sign display was a surprise for students, to let them know how much they miss them.

They say it was also a great way to show love and pride for being “Prairie Dogs.”

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