#SCCSD May Staff Members of the Month

May Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Kellie Perez, Food Service @ Unity Elementary 

“Kellie is part of the Unity food service team and helps feed our students during the regular school year and currently during the school closure. Kellie has a big heart for our children. She works before and after school and takes the time to get to know students and their families. Kellie makes them feel like a part of our great Unity Family. We are lucky to have Kellie on TeamU!”

Laurie Powell, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary 

“Laurie works hard to build strong and lasting relationships with students and families.  She has personally called each of her students multiple times throughout the school closure, checking in on them and letting them know she is there for her. She and her colleagues have delivered packets to their students during each packet distribution. She has even delivered lunch to a family in need daily since the pandemic began. While she wants no recognition, she is truly an amazing educator and person! Our Liberty Family is lucky to have her here helping to Make It Happen!”

Kim Reising, Building Assistant @ Liberty Elementary

“Kim goes above and beyond in our school office each day. She is relentless in completing any task assigned to her, ensuring exceptional quality. Mrs. Reising regularly anticipates the need for something to be done and carries out the task before even being asked. She successfully organized and carried out our most successful school fundraiser right before the pandemic began and ensured that each person received their items after the school was closed. She is someone that you can count on to Make It Happen at our school!”

Liz Alcala, Instructional Assistant @ Liberty Elementary 

“Liz is someone that brings light wherever she goes. When our school building closed, Liz volunteered to come to school and help to communicate with our Spanish speaking families to ensure communication remained fluid and consistent. She can be called on day and night to help translate or support our families in any way. Liz also comes to school each day while lunch sacks are served to help the foodservice staff and administration serve meals and communicate with families. No matter the event or occasion, we can count on Liz to be the first to volunteer! We are lucky to have Miss Alcala here Making It Happen for staff and students!”

Paulette Asay, Instructional Assistant @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Paulette joined the Loess Hills staff last August and is a true asset to the building. She eagerly steps in to support students in her classroom and students throughout the building. During school closures, Paulette has volunteered to distribute learning materials and help complete paperwork. We appreciate Paulette’s commitment to student success!”

Jamie Duncan, Registrar @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Jamie Duncan brings a wealth of experience to Loess Hills as the school registrar. She is friendly, compassionate, and efficient. She does her job with confidence and often suggests new or helpful ways to do things. She continues to work hard during the school closures by preparing our new kindergarten students and families for the upcoming school year. Thank you for helping our students succeed every day!” 

Gerry Buthe, Registrar @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary 

“Gerry does an amazing job of maintaining detailed records and documentation related “Gerry does a wonderful job of maintaining detailed records and documents related to registration, enrollment, and scheduling. Gerry always has a smile on her face and shares words of encouragement with others. She welcomes and assists parents who are new to our school. She answers their questions and supports them in any way she can. She consistently completes tasks and assignments given to her in an efficient and accurate manner and never misses a deadline. Gerry is an asset and a blessing to Spalding Park. Thank you, Gerry, for making a positive impact and difference in the lives of those you touch each and every day.”