January 28, 2021 Announcements

SCCSD Announces Boundary Changes

Planning for the Future Boundary Information

The Sioux City Community School District began the secondary boundary planning discussions in the fall. Throughout the process, we engaged stakeholder feedback to help inform and guide the plans for boundary changes. Your feedback, coupled with best practice analysis of enrollment trends and forecasting, guided the boundary planning committee’s work. During the January 25 Board meeting, the Board voted in favor of adopting the proposed boundary map.

All students currently enrolled in sixth through twelfth grades will be grandfathered in to remain in their current feeder assignments with no additional action required. As outlined by the new boundary map, the new enrollment will be phased in over seven years. Therefore, the implementation of the newly approved boundary map will be complete when the current sixth-grade class graduates from high school.

The boundary changes go into effect in the fall of the 2021-2022 school year, beginning with only our current fifth-grade students. The new boundary will then be effective for each successive fifth-grade class.

View the approved boundary map.

Overview of Boundary Changes:

  • Perry Creek Elementary students that live in the shaded “D” section of the map, including homes North of Stone Park Blvd., will now attend North Middle and North High Schools. Currently, many of these students are assigned to the West Middle and West High boundary area. While only the students in shaded area “D” will have a boundary change, Perry Creek will remain a split feeder school to both West and North.
  • Irving Dual Language Elementary students will now also be split between middle schools. Irving students that live in the shaded area “B” will attend East Middle and East High Schools. Students that live in the shaded area “C” will attend West Middle and West High Schools. Currently, all Irving students are in the North Middle and North High boundary area. Therefore, this change now makes Irving a split feeder school to both West and East – divided near Virginia St.
  • Unity Elementary students that live in the shaded area “A,” or in homes North of 14th, will now attend North Middle and North High Schools. Currently, all Unity students are in the East Middle and East High boundary area. The Unity students that live outside the shaded “A” area will continue to attend East Middle and East High Schools, and therefore, Unity will now be a split feeder to both North and East.

Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Program will continue, without interruption, with support for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Since the Irving Dual Language Elementary students will now attend more than one secondary school, the Dual Language Program will be expanded to more secondary schools, thereby increasing opportunities for all students.

Transfer Requests

Parents/guardians who want to enroll a child in a non-boundary school will need to submit a transfer request in accordance with Board Policy. Transfer requests can only be submitted up to one year prior to a student’s enrollment in the requested attendance center. The Board Policy Committee is currently reviewing Board Policy 501.8, which outlines transfer requirements. The Board Policy Committee will consider the impact this boundary change may have on families with siblings. The committee will work to maintain continuity of attendance for families that should have more than one child in the same attendance center.


Board Policy 501.8 will also outline transportation guidelines for students that submit a transfer request. For any student attending an assigned boundary school, current transportation guidelines will remain in effect. Elementary and middle school students who live over two miles and high school students living over three miles from their assigned boundary school are eligible for bus transportation to their assigned attendance center.

If, after you review the boundary maps and changes, you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us through Let’s Talk.

Thank you for your support, grace, and patience as we transition through this boundary change. Our collective efforts will positively impact the future of our schools.