March 25, 2021 Achievements

Christine Tomlinson Appointed to the National K-12 EBSCO Advisory Board

Headshot of Tomlinson
Headshot of Tomlinson

Christine Tomlinson, teacher librarian at North High School, has been appointed to the prestigious K-12 EBSCO® Advisory Board. The advisory board is dedicated to the ongoing development of EBSCO’s suite of K-12 resources for the benefit of students, teachers and librarians in schools across the nation.

EBSCO Industries, Inc. is a pioneer in the library services industry. Through vision, action and innovation, EBSCO invests in the library business to ensure the long-term growth of products, services and technologies for the nation’s schools.

The goal of the advisory board is to provide valuable insights and ideas to enable EBSCO to better serve school and public library needs and develop important, top-notch resources.

EBSCO’s advisory board is composed of key volunteers who assist EBSCO with a variety of issues including product ideas, direction and other topics pertaining to school libraries. The purpose of this board is to ensure there is two-way dialog between library leaders and EBSCO. This established board of respected professionals from the industry includes key librarians from across North America.

Tomlinson’s leadership, vision, and understanding of school libraries makes her an ideal addition to the K-12 EBSCO Advisory Board.