April 14, 2021 News

Above and Beyond: Carter Vanderloo

Vanderloo performs at East High School
Vanderloo performs at East High School

Carter Vanderloo is an outstanding student, leader, performer and advocate for his fellow classmates. The March Above and Beyond Student of the Month sat down with the Siouxland News team to tell us how he juggles it all.

Vanderloo told us “I am part of the dance team, speech and debate, show choir, National Honor Society Spanish Honor Society, and student council.” Alongside all of that, he also has a job outside of school.

Nathan Irwin is a teacher at East High School and also coaches Vanderloo in debate. He told us “honestly, the name Carter Vanderloo means a lot to people, if anyone’s saying that name we know exactly the hard work and where it’s coming from.”

Talent, hard work, and compassion set Carter Vanderloo apart from the crowd at East High School.

Marissa Kuiken also coaches Vanderloo alongside teaching. She told us, “Carter is such an amazing leader and a role model.”

Vanderloo hasn’t just impressed his teachers, he has also been a fantastic leader for other students. Max Braunstein has worked alongside Vanderloo and said “he is just so incredibly respectful, dedicated, diligent in everything he does. He’s been a real motivator for me, just as a student. Throughout the past four years.”

Vanderloo is committed to his studies, extracurricular activities and his community according to Irwin, “oh my goodness, you name it, he’s done it he’s worked hard on it.”

After two years at East High School, participating in nearly every activity he noticed something was missing. Vanderloo told us “there wasn’t really an outlet for men to get involved in dance, other than show choir. And so with that, I kind of saw the gap that there was, and decided to create the all-male dance team with a couple of my peers. Over the past few years we have choreographed, we’ve worked together, we’ve done different stunts done everything together. And so we formed relationships that kind of helped build us to the state competition and help us win the championship”

This year the East High all-male dance team won the championship at the state competition only a year after it was first formed.

From an idea to state champions Vanderloo helped make the all-male dance team a success with his choreography, and drive.

Braunstein told us, “we’ve seen a lot of success this year, and it’s a great deal thanks to him.”

Vanderloo told us that he motivates himself to do the best he can. “Having the perfectionist mentality in my head is definitely something that has helped me accomplish the things that I have, and work to be a better person.”

Vanderloo attributes his success to hard work but those around him also notice excellence in his compassion for others.

Wendy Bryce, a teacher at East High nominated Vanderloo for the Siouxland News Above and Beyond Student of the month. She told us, “it sounds so simple but just being a nice person, like he’s nice to his peers he’s nice to staff, he genuinely cares about his teachers he cares about his school and his community. And I think that’s just something that I’ve. It sounds really simple but it’s so meaningful to people it’s just his genuine love for others.”

Kuiken continued to tell us, “Carter has positively influenced every facet of what I coach and this school, and next year there is going to be a pretty big gap of somebody who has done so much as a staff member. We’re gonna miss him.”

Bryce chimed in, “teachers and people here at East High, we just feel so blessed that we have been able to work with them, above and beyond student like Carter Vanderloo.”

Next year Carter plans to major in Biochemistry and is eagerly awaiting college decisions.

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