#SCCSD May Staff Members of the Month

May Staff Members of the Month

Lance Hankins, Art Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mr. Hankins is always polite and respectful to our students and staff. He has a pleasant disposition and fosters a calm, structured classroom environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and ready to learn. Students are continually engaged in his art lessons and receive immediate feedback regarding their progress. Congratulations, Mr. Hankins!”

Justin Boeve, 5th Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mr. Boeve is always professional and has a positive attitude around staff and students. Mr. Boeve not only helps his own students succeed, but goes above and beyond to support all students at Perry Creek! He serves as a role model for all and his calm presence allows students to feel comfortable. Perry Creek is fortunate to have Mr. Boeve on our team!”

Kristine Babor, Science Teacher @ East Middle School

“Mrs. Babor comes to school with a smile on her face and goes the extra mile to ensure students are successful. She differentiates her lessons to meet the needs of all students and checks in with students outside of class. Mrs. Babor accepts new challenges with a positive attitude and works collaboratively with her colleagues. East Middle School is lucky to have her!”

Diatra Woodford, Science Teacher @ East Middle School

“Ms. Woodford goes beyond to make sure her students are successful. She makes learning fun and keeps students engaged in the classroom. By doing so, Diatra connects with her students and strives to build positive relationships with them. She also communicates with staff regularly to ensure student work is completed, submitted, and graded. East Middle School is lucky to have her!”

Tom Hales, Choir Teacher @ East High School

“Mr. Hales works hard to ensure his students succeed. His relationships with his students are extraordinary. Students value his opinion and regularly look to him for guidance in their future endeavors. Mr. Hales is an all-around outstanding educator and colleague that students truly respect and admire. His passion for music radiates through his hard work and accomplishments. Congratulations Mr. Hales!”

Mary Burns, Office Staff @ East High School

“Mary has worked extremely hard this school year to track attendance and take on new tasks due to COVID-19. Each day she strives to communicate effectively and efficiently with our parents and students. Mary is very flexible and helps others in the building when possible. She truly is an asset to East High School!”

Ryan “Tina” Yudka-Hetzel, Interventionist @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary

“Mrs. Y is always willing to lend a helping hand. As an interventionist, Mrs. Y works with many students and teachers in the building. She actively participates in all Hunt Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) and tutors students after school each week. She also volunteered to teacher summer school. We are grateful to have Mrs. Y at Hunt A+!”

Caitlin Bauerly, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary

“Miss Bauerly has been an excellent addition to our building. She maintains a positive attitude and kind demeanor at all times. Miss Bauerly goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students daily. She utilizes creative ideas and strategies to make learning fun and keep her students engaged. Miss Bauerly collaborates with her colleagues and is always willing to share her ideas. We are so lucky to have Miss Bauerly at Hunt A+!”

Melanie Ohrtman, Third Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Melanie is a fantastic leader who always has a “can-do” attitude and a smile on her face. She goes above and beyond to help her fellow teachers and her students. Her peers stated, “Melanie has played a vital role in helping me grow as a teacher. She has been a wonderful mentor and role model. Melanie always takes time out of her day to check in with me and provides me with resources if I am in need. I love working with her!” We are very lucky to have Melanie Ohrtman at Loess Hills!”

Brooklyn Boulware, Para Educator @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Brooklyn Boulware has been a key component at Loess Hills. She is always willing to support teachers and cover duties. Brooklyn also goes above and beyond to provide support to students. She maintains a positive attitude and always wears a smile. We are thankful for everything Brooklyn does for the students, families, and staff at Loess Hills!”

Lori Rose, Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Lori strives to meet the needs of her students and is always willing to help her colleagues. She’s shared ideas, videos, and resources with our staff to ensure growth each year. Lori is a valuable asset to Riverside. Thanks for all you do!”

Shelby Mosier & Nicole Vansickler, Instructional Assistants @ Riverside Elementary

“Shelby and Nicole’s dedication to students in the classroom is top-notch. They are always willing to go above and beyond to help. They help other classrooms when needed and have taken on extra responsibilities this school year. Thank you for your dedication to the students and staff at Riverside. We appreciate you both very much!”

Kiley McNamara, Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Miss Kiley always works hard to help students and colleagues at Morningside. She is caring and goes above and beyond to ensure her students’ needs are met. She also strives to help students have good days at school and achieve their goals.”

Amanda Moon, Behavior Tech @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Amanda is a positive role model to many students in the building. She is always willing to support hands-on learning for both students and teachers. Amanda goes above and beyond to ensure students are learning and growing to their fullest potential. Her kind heart and fun personality is an asset to have in the classroom each day!”