June 25, 2021 Academics

Sioux City Career Academy helps students find their calling

Cale McWilliams works on a project at Thompson Electric
Cale McWilliams works on a project at Thompson Electric

The Sioux City Career Academy is not just getting students interested in new careers, they’re getting students into the workforce.

The Career Academy’s internship program helps students looking for a job out of high school and local companies looking for employees. This is done with hands-on workshops either in classrooms or at businesses in the Siouxland area.

A former Career Academy intern spoke about how valuable the program was for his future.

“Student program was so important to me because it helped me figure out what I wanted to do and help me understand what a job entails, so doing an internship was very beneficial with going and working and kind of getting my hands on stuff to see what it’s like instead of just guessing on what you want to do,” said Cale McWilliams, a former intern of the academy.

The principal of the Career Academy said the experience gained by students is unique.

“Our teachers do an awesome job of really bringing industry into the classroom. We bring curriculum and the skills they need and even equipment that they’re using in the industry right now to our classroom but we just can’t replicate what it really is like to apply those skills,” said Principal Katie Towler.

The internship program is always looking for students and is open to all Sioux City high school students.

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