June 25, 2021 Academics

Summer TAP program teaches students important life skills

Sioux City Fire Rescue shows TAP participants around their fire truck
Sioux City Fire Rescue shows TAP participants around their fire truck

Participants in the Transition Alliance Program (TAP) got the opportunity to learn about firefighters and paramedics on Thursday.

Individuals from the Sioux City Fire Rescue and EMS spoke to the young adults about what being a firefighter or paramedic involves.

Alyzabeth Lamoureux, a junior, said it was fun to learn about the different departments. She wanted to hear more about EMS because she likes to help people.

Lamoureux wants to be a teacher and she hopes that if anything were to happen in her classroom, she would be able to help.

TAP is a partnership between community school districts like Sioux City Community School District and the Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services to assist young adults with disabilities as they transition into post-secondary education, receive vocational training, and learn to live independently.

Brian Trometer, the TAP coordinator at North High School, said the activities are a way to learn independent living skills – such as who to call in an emergency – and teach them about different careers.

Thursday event was part of a four-week camp that students could attend virtually or in person. Some of the other presentations from the police department, dentist and the health department.

He said these types of events teach the students about what it takes to work in the career field and see the different options.

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