August 19, 2021 News

Bus drivers prepare for new school year

SCCSD bus fleet. Picture courtesy of KTIV/Hailey Barrus
SCCSD bus fleet. Picture courtesy of KTIV/Hailey Barrus

The school year is drawing closer and closer, and members of the Sioux City Community School district are preparing their bus drivers for the upcoming academic year.

“The most rewarding job of a bus driver that I hear from a lot of our staff is they like the interaction with the students,” said Tim Paul, Director of Operations and Maintenance at SCCSD.

After the pandemic brought a shortage of bus drivers to the district last year, the district said they are now fully staffed with nearly 60 drivers for this year.

Paul said, although they have hired several new drivers over the summer, Sioux City schools are still looking for more substitute drivers and have more opportunities besides driving a bus.

“I don’t think that people always know that we will train bus drivers here at the district, so there is always an opportunity for that. If you don’t want to drive a bus there are opportunities for bus assistants, and we are in demand for those as well,” said Paul.

Bus drivers are also preparing COVID-19 protocols to ensure safe and clean buses for children once again this year.

“So, you know, all the buses will be cleaned and disinfected, however, we will not be requiring masks on the school buses that the district operates currently. We do encourage all our students and staff if they want to wear a mask, if they are comfortable wearing a mask then we encourage that they wear a mask,” said Paul.

Paul states the Sioux City Community School District will continue to follow state and local guidelines as they make their way through this academic year.

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