August 5, 2021 Academics

Sioux City teachers head “back to school” for summer brainstorming event

Educators at the 2021 Future Ready Showcase

Teachers got another chance to be a student again on Tuesday.

The Sioux City School District opened its doors for teachers to learn from four groups of teachers who over the summer were brainstorming different ways to teach new things to students.

These groups focused on how to teach 4 different subjects and how to include technology into them.

One teacher said it has really helped her be better as well as her students over her career.

“You are able to notice the difference,” said Courtney Jungers. “I noticed the difference between my instruction from years before when I hadn’t necessarily had the tools in my classroom. They are able to increase their achievement by not only doing that with the curriculum standard and by the use of technology.”

There were four groups showing their lessons, made up of 17 total teachers.

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