September 18, 2021 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD September Staff Members of the Month

September Staff Members of the Month

Shelly Banks, Second Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary School

“Shelly is hardworking, dedicated, and puts her students and colleagues first. She is a life-long learner and takes pride in sharing her talents with all of the staff at Perry Creek. Shelly works hard to build and establish routines and structures that support the academic goals of her students in and out of the classroom. Her caring personality and open-mindedness help the students and staff in our unique accreditation year for the Primary Years Program within the International Baccalaureate model. Thank you, Shelly!”

Candy Hill, Special Education Teacher @ Riverside Elementary 

“Candy puts in countless hours during the school year to better prepare for her students. She knows her students well and works tirelessly to meet their needs. While Candy has a large group of students this year, she shows great perseverance and positivity for her students. We are lucky to have Candy at Riverside!”

Lisa Myers, Second Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary 

“Ms. Myers is a team player who is always willing to help. She ensures all second-grade students receive the resources they need. In addition, Ms. Myers has gone above and beyond to support her new teaching partner by sharing knowledge while piloting a new structure to her math block and co-teach math. Ms. Myer truly wants what is best for students and staff at Hunt A+ Arts Elementary and staff, and we are thankful to have her here!”

Patti Witten, Registrar @ Sioux City Career Academy

“Patti is our everything at the Career Academy. She is our registrar, our attendance secretary, our bookkeeper, our supply resource, the friendly face that greets us each day, and so much more. As a department of one, Patti is always on her toes when assisting students and teachers each day. She believes in the work we do and wants to see kids succeed with her whole heart. We could not do what we do without Patti on our team!”

Kayla Lanphier, SPED Teacher @ Leeds Elementary

“Mrs. Lanphier is a bright, dedicated, and skilled educator. Currently serving as the internal Positive Behavior Intervention Supports team coach, Mrs. Lanphier is committed to supporting all students at Leeds, both in her classroom and beyond. She is willing to help students and staff by bringing a unique perspective and skill-set to Leeds. Mrs. Lanphier leads by example and collaborates with other staff members. She embodies positivity and always strives to make Leeds ‘a great place to be.’ Mrs. Lanphiers’ compassion and her commitment to education make her a great asset at Leeds. Congratulations, Kayla!” 

Luis Lemus, Consulting Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary

“Luis works hard and goes above and beyond his job description every day. He is a model teacher and colleague for the staff at Irving Elementary. We value and thank him for his contributions as an educator.” 

Nikole Mueller, Second Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary

“Ms. Mueller contributes to the success of Irving Elementary school by supporting her grade level Professional Learning Community (PLC). She shares materials, advocates for her team, and supports others who partner with her to lead. Congratulations, Ms. Mueller!”

Christen (CJ) Palumbo, ESL Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

Ms. Palumbo is committed to providing our students with a consistent learning environment. Her enthusiasm, energy, and charisma are her staple character traits. Ms. Palumbo is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who may need it, and her unwavering support is greatly appreciated!”

Cassie Bracht, Third Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary 

“Cassie is working extremely hard to support two new team members this school year. She goes above and beyond to help our staff and students at Unity, and we are thankful to have her here. Congratulations, Cassie!”

Sam Wagner, SPED Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Sam has been a fabulous addition to our Unity staff. She has jumped right in to support students and teachers in many ways! We are thankful to have her here.” 

Kellie Perez-Skinner, SPED Instructional Assistant @ Unity Elementary

“Kellie is working extremely hard this year to get to know her students and working to support them on numerous levels. The connection she has made with students is amazing! Congratulations, Kellie!”

Marilyn Cooper, SPED Instructional Assistant @ Unity Elementary

“Marilyn jumps in to help wherever she is needed. She does a great job identifying students’ needs and where they may need more support. She is a true asset to Unity Elementary!” 

Cheraine Bromander, ESL Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Cheraine is a wonderful teacher who creates engaging and memorable lessons. She creates long-lasting relationships with her ELL students and encourages them to take charge of their learning. All in all, Cheraine is a wonderful asset to our entire Morningside community. Her kindness makes others feel loved and happy. Thank you, Mrs. Bromander.” 

Scott Mason, Third Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Mr. Mason is an exceptional teacher and an amazing role model! He shows that he truly cares about the students at Morningside in many ways. Mr. Mason works with each student to ensure sure they understand the curriculum and what’s expected of them so that they SOAR! He also teaches many skills in the way he leads by example for students. Mr. Mason is one of a kind and deserves to be recognized!”

Katarina Nieman, Kindergarten Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Nieman has gone above and beyond to Make It Happen for her students. She has been working hard to learn sign language to better communicate with others. At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Nieman began collaborating with a co-worker and learned a great deal of sign language within the first week of school. She then began to incorporate sign language in her classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Nieman, for all that you do for Liberty Elementary and our students!”

Brandie Mitchell, First Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary 

“Brandie is an invaluable member of the Liberty Elementary team. Mrs. Mitchell has been a strong leader and confidant for her first-grade team. She inspires others in the building by sponsoring or co-sponsoring numerous student activities. She comes to work each morning ready to help her students and co-workers learn. Thank you, Mrs. Mitchell, for all that you do to Make It Happen at Liberty Elementary!”