September 22, 2021 News

Unity Elementary School celebrates great attendance and behavior at school

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Ms. Wodtke's fourth grade class celebrates excellent attendance at the beginning of the school year.

September is National Attendance Awareness Month. Attendance is key to a student’s success, and every school within the Sioux City Community School District works hard to support their students to achieve great attendance rates.


Mrs hanner class

Mrs. Hanner’s class celebrates having the highest attendance rate for the beginning of the year


Unity Elementary School provides several incentives for students to show up every day (other than their fantastic teachers). Classrooms with the highest attendance rates get special rewards throughout the year, which can include treats or extra recess time during which time they get to pick a fun activity to do indoors or outdoors.



At Unity Elementary, students are also rewarded for following lunchroom behavior expectations. Every month, the classroom with the best lunchroom behavior is awarded the “Golden Spoon”.


Ms. Bracht's third grade class shows off the Golden Spoon Award

Ms. Bracht’s third grade class shows off the Golden Spoon Award


The school also gives out “Knight Cards” to students and classes who show exemplary behaviors. When the school as a whole reaches 1500 cards, one letter is placed in the common area to spell out TEAM U. Once all of the letters are earned, the whole school participates in a building-wide celebration.

Good job Knights. Keep it up!