October 26, 2021 Believer Stories

Achievement Story: Lori Evers, District Alum and Office Manager

Lori Evers
As office manager and registrar at Morningside STEM Elementary School, Lori Evers is used to wearing multiple hats. A West High School alum, Lori has worked at the Sioux City Community School District for 24 years.

Sioux City, Iowa – Visit the office at Morningside STEM Elementary School, and you might just hear a tune or two.

“It’s quite a sight,” says Lori Evers, the school’s office manager and registrar.

In her role for Morningside STEM Elementary School, Lori wears multiple hats on a daily basis. Sometimes, singing is a necessity for the 24-year veteran of the Sioux City Community School District and her co-workers.

“The challenging part of my role is that more families are struggling now than when I began working at the District. Schools are required to do more and more for our students and families,” adds Lori.

A West High School graduate, Lori married her high school sweetheart Klay 35 years ago, before beginning her career at Washington Elementary School. When Washington combined with Whittier Elementary School, Lori made the transition. Today, she is a welcome face in the office at Morningside STEM Elementary School.

“I absolutely love all of the people that I’ve met through the years. I have been around so long that I’m seeing the next generation of students,” says Lori.

When she’s not working, Lori – a cancer survivor – cherishes time with her own family, including her two children and two granddaughters. She also enjoys riding her Harley, cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes, and tending to her garden.

While she may not be practicing tunes outside of work, Lori is well-respected by her co-workers for more than her singing ability at school. And, the feeling is mutual.

Lori says she could not be prouder of the Morningside STEM Elementary School team.

“I think this is already well-known, but Morningside has the best staff. We have a hardworking team who truly cares about our students. I am proud to work at Morningside STEM Elementary School.”