November 3, 2021 News

Students learn trade job skills through Sioux City Career Academy

KCAU trade jobs career academy2
Students from around Sioux City sample different career paths available through the Sioux City Career Academy. Photo courtesy of Siouxland News/Nikolas Wilson

The “Build My Future” event hosted middle and high school students from across the tri-state area at the Expo Center in mid October.

Over 1,000 students from more than 20 schools tried construction, welding, and other jobs with help from experienced workers.

Alex Corbin is the owner of Morningside Plumbing. He says trade jobs are interactive but also give young people an opportunity to make a difference.

“They’re very hands on,” Corbin said. “They don’t appear to be very hard, but when you get good at them, they’re very meticulous and challenging in their own right, and you get to do something different every day, You get to go to other people’s houses and look to see what they have, and you get to figure out how to make their lives better.”

Noah Sewalson is from East High School in Sioux City. He says entertaining events like these are important to fill Siouxland’s need for trade workers.

“They’re having all these different activities, you know it’s really fun, so I think doing this type of stuff every year is definitely going to attract more students to want to do construction and HVAC and other jobs that are in need,” Sewalson said.

Ethan Watkins is from North High School in Sioux city. He said the variety of opportunities offer something for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s just all sorts of fun seeing all the different things you could do once you get out of high school and it’s just fun to do, going around and seeing what’s out there for work,” Watkins said.

Watkins said the activities make trade jobs enjoyable for himself and other students. and that’s the point of the event.

“They’re out here having fun and then they could do it everyday as a job and if you enjoy it, you never work a day in your life,” Watkins said.

Corbin said students who are interested in getting experience in trades should contact local shops and find out what learning opportunities they offer.

See the full story from Siouxland News’ Nikolas Wilson.