November 11, 2021 News

West High School students focus on mental health

KMEG WHS mental health
West High School students hold their 25 days of mental health signs and sweatshirt designs. Photo courtesy of Siouxland News/Taylor Deckert

Students at West High are talking about the importance of mental health ahead of the holiday season.

“You make the world a better place” is a phrase these West High students are using often.

Back in 2019, the student council attended a conference on mental health and wanted to bring that healthy conversation into the Siouxland community.

They are hosting “25 days of mental health,” which focuses on a different task every day.

The West High Student Council has been working over the past year to improve the mental health of their school.

November 16th marks the beginning of their second annual project.

Throughout the 25 days, there are tasks students can complete like wearing a favorite outfit, going through social media to unfollow any negative accounts, reaching out to an old friend, and writing a friend or a teacher an appreciation note.

There is also a fundraiser, selling hoodies that promote talking about mental health.

The money will go straight to the Siouxland Mental Health Center.

“it’s just important for teens to prioritize mental health because we are in some of the most stressful stages of our lives and we wanted to implement some changes here at the high school,” student Abby Hammer said.

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