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Achievement Story: Brittney Redden, West High School Alum

Brittney Redden West High Alum

Sioux City, Iowa – Brittney Redden paved her own path to success.

Growing up, Brittney overcame many obstacles to become a first-generation college student. But as fate would have it, the right people came into her life at the right time – especially when she needed it most.

In high school, Brittney took part in multiple sports and in doing so surrounded herself with team members, coaches, and friends who supported her dreams. They helped pave her path and cheered her on every step of the way.

When Brittney wasn’t on the field, she dedicated herself to school.

So many times, it would have been easy for Brittney to give up, but she didn’t. As Brittney looked ahead to high school graduation, the education, and experiences she had as a student in the Sioux City Community School District prepared her to achieve her dream of going to college. Brittney attended Iowa Central Community College to play soccer, Iowa State University for a short time and is now working to complete her degree through Ashworth College Online.

Shortly after her time at Iowa State University, life steered Brittney to the seaside state of Maryland. At this point in her life, Brittney was no stranger to hard work. After falling in love with the upper northeast, she worked her way up to her current role as a Program Analyst position supporting the Navy for the Department of Defense.

Brittney said, “Growing up I never thought a job like this was possible for me. I never thought I’d live outside of Sioux City. It’s where I thought I’d always be. I originally wanted to be a police officer in Sioux City and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else or doing anything other than what I’m doing. Life led me to Maryland and hard work has given me the privilege to stay here.”

Though Brittney has been thousands of miles away for more than seven years, she is still incredibly thankful for the experiences she received as a student in the District and for the people she met.

Brittney credits much of her personal and professional success to the dedication of staff members at West High School. There were countless people that kept her motivated and involved.

“Jen Gengler taught me life skills, how to be a good person, how to play soccer, how to set and reach my goals. Most importantly she taught me how to give back. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today, or where I am today without her,” Brittney said.

The most important key to Brittney’s success was her will to stay positive and stay busy. Her best advice for any student overcoming obstacles is to break the cycle and pave a path that may not yet exist.

She said, “Whether it be teachers, coaches, or friends, find one person you don’t want to disappoint and use that as motivation to keep pushing forward.”

For Brittney, one of those people was Warren Baker. Though she wasn’t in trouble, Brittney met Warren, a probation officer, by chance.

“He invested a lot of time in making sure I succeeded, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I always looked up to him. I wanted to help kids better themselves and show them that they can break the cycle. You can find support and strength anywhere.”