January 11, 2022 Believe. Achieve. Succeed

Retired team member and volunteer stays connected to the school she loves

Connie Hoklin
Even after a 25-year career at Irving Dual Language Elementary School and retirement, Connie Hoklin stays connected with the school she loves.

Sioux City, Iowa – Education is in Connie Hoklin’s blood.

Connie’s grandmother drove a horse and buggy to teach in a one-room schoolhouse. Her father worked for the Sioux City Community School District for 50 years, beginning his career in the District’s printshop before transitioning to the classroom as a graphic design teacher.

It’s no surprise that Connie, a Central High graduate, spent 25 years at Irving Dual Language Elementary School. She started her career as a classroom para before serving as the school’s library assistant.

The opportunity to see students succeed fueled Connie’s passion for Irving Dual Language Elementary School.

“I watched many new students from other countries who came to Irving without knowing any English or very limited English. They were welcomed by Irving’s caring staff and friendly students. It wasn’t long before they settled in and felt part of our school,” recalls Connie.

During her career at Irving Dual Language Elementary School, Connie embraced the school’s many cultures and languages. It was one of the reasons that she found her way back to Irving even after retirement.

“I love to return to Irving and volunteer whenever I can. At the beginning of this year, I assisted with issuing new laptops and iPads to the students,” says Connie. “I really enjoy working on the bulletin board and display cases with the other assistants. It’s fun just to see the staff and students.”

When Connie isn’t at Irving Dual Language Elementary School, she enjoys catching up with friends over coffee, attending Bible study, and spending time with her family: husband Gary, a retired West High School teacher who still subs in the District, her children, and her granddaughters. Connie also keeps busy with her flowers and herbs.

When summertime ends, Connie is always ready to return to school.

“I have several family members who were in education, so I think it was a natural choice for me. I can honestly say I looked forward to going to work each day.”