#SCCSD March Staff Members of the Month

March Staff Members of the Month

Mackenzie Gough, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School 

A staff member at Morningside STEM Elementary School said the following about Mackenzie, “I have enjoyed working with Mackenzie this year. It has allowed me to see her teaching in action. She provides visual and audio support to students who need it. She also uses interactive activities to get kids moving and talking with one another.” Thank you for all you do, Mackenzie!

Sadie Jensen, SPED Instructional Assistant @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Specialty School 

“Sadie is a very positive person who takes the time to build relationships with the students and staff at school. Sadie is always willing to go the extra mile and is flexible when changes to her schedule are made. Our Loess Hills team is stronger because of Sadie!”

Ana Barajas, Attendance Administrative Assistant @ North Middle School

“Ana works closely with administration, our student support specialist, teachers, and parents to promote the importance of attendance and the positive impact this has on higher achievement. She consistently maintains a positive professional attitude and is willing to go above and beyond to respond to situations that arise.”

Robyn Rich, First Grade Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

“Ms. Rich goes above and beyond for her students. She connects with them academically and emotionally and provides a calming presence in her classroom. She has a positive attitude and is always willing to try new things. Thank you, Ms. Rich, for all that you do!”

Teresa Kentner, Second Grade Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School 

“Mrs. Kentner works hard to provide unique lessons for her students. She challenges them to do their best every day and has high expectations for learning. Mrs. Kentner is very caring and her students know they are supported. She is an honest colleague who has a wealth of educational knowledge she willingly shares with others. Congratulations!”

Julie Thiele, Nurse @ Perry Creek Elementary School

“Julie goes above and beyond for both students and staff at Perry Creek by always keeping their health, safety, and well-being a priority. She has graciously dealt with all the added duties that Covid has brought while compassionately working with diverse health needs. She communicates with families to ensure health plans are in place for students and she trains staff to implement those health plans. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and discrete. Nurse Thiele treats all those she sees with dignity. We are very proud to honor Julie Thiele as our staff member of the month!”

Phil Hamman, SPED Teacher @ East High School

“Phil always keeps the best interest of students in mind. He does his best to keep students calm, treat them with respect, and give them hope each day. Phil reminds students they can be successful no matter where they start in life. All in all, Phil is a positive educator who keeps the building light-hearted with jokes and truly cares for students and staff at East High School. Congratulations, Phil!”

Everett Wall, Teacher @ West High School

Students at West High School said the following about Everett, “Mr. Wall is nice and calm in the classroom. He is an amazing teacher and very understanding. I am thankful he is always willing to help me with my work.” Congratulations, Mr. Wall!

Sarah Nolan, ESL Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

“Sarah is new to the Sioux City Community School District this year. She has worked hard to build positive relationships with students and staff. She creates lessons that are relevant and engaging for the students. Sarah also did a fabulous job helping with testing for our students. Thank you for being a great Roadrunner teacher. Keep up the good work!”

Nick Thompson, Resource Officer @ West Middle School

“Officer Thompson has established relationships with students and staff. He is present in passing periods, lunch, before and after school. Sometimes, he can even be seen playing basketball with students in the gym during lunch. Officer Thompson has been an excellent part of our school culture. Students trust him and have positive interactions with him. Congratulations!”

Dahlia Risner, Building Assistant @ Unity Elementary School

“Ms. Dahlia works hard to support all students in our building. She is always positive and offers to help others! We appreciate her commitment to Unity! Congratulations, Dahlia!”

Amberlynn Hanson, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

Amberlynn jumped right in this year as a new teacher to the District. She is excited about progressing her students and using data to drive her instruction. We are confident her passion will result in positive student achievement! Unity is thankful for her commitment to her students!”

Michelle Moser, Second Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

“Michelle works extremely hard to support her students! She always goes the extra mile to make sure her students are not only learning the curriculum but becoming good humans, too. Michelle’s hard work makes Unity a better place!”

Melanie Desmond, Instructional Assistant @ Unity Elementary School

Melanie has done a fantastic job adapting and adjusting to the needs of students. She works hard to make sure her students are thriving in all environments and supports them through challenging times. Unity is a better place because of Melanie!”

Jillian Hixson, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Bryant Elementary School

“Mrs. Hixson is passionate and cares deeply for her students. She has a significant impact on her students, and they learn and thrive in her classroom. She has an excellent relationship with her coworkers and is a strong leader who lends a helping hand to all those around her. Mrs. Hixson builds relationships with all students in the building. She likes to have fun and works incredibly hard to meet the needs of her students. We are proud to have her as a Bryant Bear!”

Renee Williams, Math Teacher @ East Middle School

“Renee is a team leader. She organizes lesson plans, worksheets, enrichment activities, and Kahoot games each week to share with all seventh-grade math teachers. In doing so, she truly ensures everyone is working together to achieve the same goals. Her hard work and dedication greatly support students at East Middle. We appreciate everything she does for our team. Congratulations!”

Krissi Mozak, Consulting Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

“Mrs. Mozak continually reaches out to offer assistance or help. She maintains a positive attitude and sunny disposition and is extremely patient with the students and staff. Mrs. Mozak is always willing to take on a new project. She has assisted and supported our staff with technology and various learning tools, while also finding additional resources to meet our student’s varying needs. The Hunt A+ staff have stated that Mrs. Mozak goes above and beyond as our consulting teacher. The students at Hunt A+ genuinely enjoy it when Mrs. Mozak teaches a lesson. We are so lucky to have Mrs. Mozak at Hunt A+!”