March 10, 2022 • News

Sioux City Career Academy students learn with Sergeant Bluff Fire Department

SC Journal fire science class 3.10.22
Students in the fire science pathway at Sioux City Career Academy get hands on experience. Photo courtesy of the Sioux City Journal's Caitlin Yamada.

Grinding, crashing and pounding noises echoed on Wednesday as fire science students learned forcible entry techniques.

Students on the fire science pathway at the Sioux City Career Academy spent Wednesday morning at the Sergeant Bluff Fire Department, breaking through ceiling tiles, grinding through metal and prying open doors.

The fire science pathway teaches students a variety of firefighting skills, while helping them receive certificates. On Wednesday, the students learned various ways to forcibly enter various doors, locks and windows.

Carlie Harrison, a senior from East High, decided to take the course because her grandfather was a firefighter. Even though she may not follow a career in firefighting, she said she is enjoying the course.

She said she expected a classroom based course, where the students  learned from textbooks and training videos, but the course is mostly hands-on learning. Her favorite activity in the class thus far was using the fire extinguishers.

Throughout the morning, firefighters helped the students through the techniques. The students were dressed in full firefighter turnout gear throughout the process. There are students from five different schools taking part in the class.

Tatum Navrkal is a senior at the Sergeant Bluff-Luton school and has been a firefighter with the Sergeant Bluff department for two years. The class allows him to to get the necessary certificates.

He enjoys the course and the training, but also enjoys being able to use his experience on the department to help teach his fellow students.

He hopes to become an emergency management director, because he likes the combination of hands-on fire service work and leadership.

Classes in the pathway include topics of emergency services, fire protection systems, the essentials of being a firefighter, hazardous materials and emergency medical responder.

Both Harrison and Navrkal recommended students take courses at the Career Academy. Harrison said the courses provide more experiences and are more interesting than regular high school courses.

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