#SCCSD April Staff Members of the Month

April Staff Members of the Month

Molly Tomke, Donny Short, Lindsey Rixner, and Victoria Parrales, Teachers @ Liberty Elementary School

“This year, these four staff members have gone above and beyond for the students at Liberty in many ways. Donny and Lindsey continually inspire their students to reach their full potential in and out of the classroom, build positive relationships with all students, and are key mainstays on Liberty’s Building Leadership team. Victoria does an incredible job instilling a love of music in her classroom while communicating with classroom teachers to ensure rehearsals are convenient and efficient. Molly helps her students make tremendous academic gains in math every day while serving as a model classroom teacher for the SCCSD. In addition, these four greatly contributed to our school concerts and the all-school musical this year. Thank you, Molly, Donny, Lindsey, and Victoria for truly exemplifying the power of one!”

Sarah Elker, Music Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

“Sarah is passionate about our students, our staff, and music. Not only does Sarah have strong relationships with her peers, but the students at Loess Hills look up to her. Over the course of her career, Sarah has freely shared her time and talents. She composed our school song, led our holiday sing-along programs, created beautiful bulletin boards, and so much more. Sarah acts as a strong mentor for our students and leads by example for our staff. We are thankful she is a part of our Loess Hills team!”

Lance Hankins, Art Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mr. Hankins truly enjoys sharing all aspects of art instruction with students including various mediums and creations, while tying the work back to history. Many of Mr. Hankins’ students appreciate the way they are able to create art projects that they are proud to share. Mr. Hankins teaches in a way that students are able to be successful and feel confident in the work they create as well as their understanding of art concepts. Congratulations Mr. Hankins!”

Sterlyng Carmen, Building Service Technician @ East High School

“Sterlyng is a diligent worker and is dedicated to helping keep East High School clean and beautiful. She is friendly and always asks if there is anything else she can do to help out. As someone who is always smiling and energetic, Sterlyng enjoys leaving positive notes throughout the building in hopes of brightening someone’s day. She is truly an asset to East High school. Thank you, Sterlyng, for helping East High School be great!”

Suzanne Cloud, Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

“Suzanne welcomes her students every morning with a big smile and open arms. She takes the time to greet every student as they enter the building, which makes them feel welcome and loved. Suzanne works hard to make sure her lessons meet the needs of all of her students. She builds strong relationships with her students and the staff at Morningside with a positive attitude and outlook every day. Congratulations, Suzanne!”

Sandy Peterson, Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

“Sandy is incredibly caring. She works hard every day to meet the needs of every student at Morningside. She is flexible with her schedule and goes above and beyond. Sandy is efficient and the students adore her. She helps wherever she is needed without a complaint. She is such an asset to Morningside STEM Elementary School.”

Patrick Patterson, Teacher @ West High School

Students at West High School said the following about Patrick, “Mr. Patterson has been one of my favorite teachers for a long time. He is very kind and easy to talk to, and funny as well. He cares about all of his students and makes class fun. Mr. Patterson truly treats his students like family and helps us accomplish our goals.” Congratulations, Patrick!

Jenny Delperdang, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

“Mrs. Delperdang goes above and beyond to make her classroom a welcoming place! Her students can feel how much she cares for each of them. Mrs. Delperdang is always willing to jump out of her comfort zone to learn something new. She is also currently volunteering her time by teaching students acting and singing before and after school for our school musical. We are lucky to have Mrs. Delperdang at Hunt A+!”

Carol Heissel, Teacher @ East Middle School

“Carol is a team player. She is always willing to jump and do what is best for our students. Carol goes above and beyond to support teachers and our school by covering classes, preparing and modeling lessons, solving problems, and so much more. Carol always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. We are lucky to have her at East Middle School.”

Michelle Sokolovske, Foreign Language Teacher @ West High School

Students at West High School said the following about Michelle, “She makes classes fun and engages with all students. Her caring attitude helps all students to feel comfortable in her class. In addition, she is also very kind.” Congratulations, Michelle! 

Robin Wilmesherr, Foreign Language Teacher @ East High School

“Robin is dedicated to teaching and helps all students be the best they can be. She not only teaches the core curriculum, but gives students a glimpse of what to expect beyond high school. In addition, Robin is a superior friend who supports colleagues in every way possible. She is willing to lend a helping hand, however and whenever possible. Congratulations, Robin!”