June 22, 2022 #SCCSD Kudos Recognition

#SCCSD Kudos Recognition: Matthew Lillie

Kudos Recogniton

Matthew Lillie (Third Grade Teacher | Irving Dual Language Elementary School)
Mr. Lillie’s homeroom students gave him a Kudos because:
He is the funniest teacher. -Maria
He helps us with math. -Luis
He has fun with us. -Luciano and Maggie
He teaches in a way that is fun and simple. -Grace and Darwin
He sometimes lets us have a few extra minutes at recess. -Mateo
He teaches us how to read and learn Spanish. -Yaneli
When we don’t know a word he helps us spell it. -Jeremmy
He gives us candy. -Emiliano
He is nice and kind. -Melanie and Keyla